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We offer three spacious focus group suites to choose from.
We are a facility with a fully equipped commercial test kitchen.
We do it all! Consumer, hi-tech, B2B, medical and more!
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National Field & Focus was founded in 1990 and has been voted a “World’s Best” Facility by the Impulse Guide For the past seven years. In 2010, National Field & Focus Expanded operations and launched a new, state of the art, 9000 Square foot facility.
We are a top rated recruiting facility in the area, with years of expertise and every expanding database. With 50K+ Respondent database we are able to find anyone from general consumer to patients with various health conditions. Our recruiting Services include recruiting consumers, hi-tech, business to business, medical etc. We do it all!
Not only is our facility first class, but our people are top notch as well.
Our core management team combines for nearly a century of experience in the focus group and data collection fields. There is very little we haven’t seen or experienced in this industry. As a result, we do not panic. When faced with a challenge or unexpected obstacle, we are adept at evaluating the situation and recommending corrective measures to resolve the situation.
Most of our recruitment team and CLT staff are long-time employees who can draw on years of experience to provide our clients with a high level of service to ensure the success of the project.