About Us

NATIONAL FIELD & FOCUS has been serving the research facility and field staff needs of the Greater Boston Area since 1990. Our management team combines to bring over 50 years of experience in all facets of the opinion research industry. A brief overview of our services include:

Focus Group Facilities – A total of three focus group suites which are customizable to your needs. This make us the ideal choice whether your needs call for a Mock Jury, a living room or a traditional focus group setup. We work with you to provide an experience tailored to you needs.

Recruiting Services – We have a tenacious recruiting staff that has a wealth of experience with all types of respondents, particularly high-income consumers, medical professionals, business decision-makers and technology industry experts.

Interviewing Services – Our field staff and executive interviewers are available to handle all of your research needs, be it computer assisted interviews in our facilities, office visit interviews with doctors or business decision makers, intercept interviews in a retail store or convention center, or an in-store audit.

Field Management – Use us to manage the oversight and logistics of your next multi-city research project. Why spend your day tracking down different facilities and markets when one call to National Field & Focus does it all?